FAQs: Why is Getting Your PPP Loan the Least of Your Worries?

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FAQs: Why is Getting Your PPP Loan the Least of Your Worries?

The Business Tax Ninja is back to defend you when it comes to the PPP. Earlier this week she hosted a webinar in which she discussed why getting your PPP loan forgiven should be the least of your worries. What’s the urgency? The Business Tax Ninja received legitimate information that a PPP audit will head your way – 100% guaranteed. Why? The federal and state governments intend to “vigorously pursue” cases of PPP fraud. The punishment? Criminal prosecution. During the webinar, the Business Tax Ninja addressed why you need to take seriously the certainty of the audit, all the better to avoid possible fines and jail time, and of course she answered questions from participants about the PPP guidelines. Join the Business Tax Ninja here to watch the replay of the webinar!

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