Get Your Doghouse Ready for a Visit from Uncle Sam!

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Get Your Doghouse Ready for a Visit from Uncle Sam!

Is your doghouse ready for a visit from Uncle Sam?  The IRS recently increased its number of revenue officers in order to make sure all earned bones and treats are accounted for, especially by top dogs in higher income brackets.  And those revenue officers are making face-to-face visits to guide taxpayers in being current with filing tax returns and making prompt payments for tax liability. 

Sounds like easy training, right?  But be careful.  If you receive face-to-face contact from the IRS, it’s generally because the IRS has a bone to haggle over with you.  The IRS makes face-to-face visits only after mailing you multiple notices about your tax status.  You might have ignored the notices by rolling over and playing dead, maybe hoping the problems will just go away if you use the paper for a doggy bed.  Trust a dog.  Tax problems aren’t easily buried.  If revenue officers drop by your doghouse to interview you, you need professional assistance.  Don’t chew the steak with them too long.  Avoid getting overly excited and yapping away about your financial status.  You might accidentally bark out something that damages your already iffy tax status.

Instead, if you’re visited by a revenue officer, call us at Law offices of Christy Lee, P.C., to be your guard dog.  We’ll protect your rights as a taxpayer. 

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