Paycheck Protection Program: The Business of Loan Forgiveness Webinar

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Paycheck Protection Program: The Business of Loan Forgiveness Webinar

Today I hosted my first-ever webinar, and it was a success – I was having a good hair day! It provided participants a prime opportunity to get acquainted with the new PPP regs and rules, which, like all things governmental, have been in constant flux so far.  We reviewed the basics of PPP and answered questions (yes, some were real doozies!) from the participants.  We offered up valuable information and entertainment simultaneously.  And, like forgiven loans, the webinar was free! If you missed it because you were having an organ transplant, were in a coma, or were otherwise incapacitated, check it out below. 

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be hosting additional webinars designed to help businesses succeed.  Stay tuned for announcements, and visit my new You Tube channel, The Alaska Tax Ninja.

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