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COVID-19 Tax Scams

The IRS has issued a notice urging taxpayers to watch their tails and be ready to sniff out tax scams should they be the target. Amidst the chaos our humans are going through during the Corona Virus (Also known as COVID-19) pandemic that’s hitting our two-legged...

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Taxes and COVID-19

In light of the nationally declared pandemic, also known as the Corona Virus or COVID-19, taxpayers are eager to find out if the IRS will halt services, audits, and change the deadline of the standard April 15th deadline for filing taxes for 2019.  While there have...

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Educator Expense Deductions

It’s time to file your income tax return for 2019.  If you’re a teacher from K through twelve, or are an instructor, principal, teacher’s aid, or counselor with at least 900 hours within a school year, you’re eligible for certain Educator Expense Deductions. If...

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Tax Education Credits

With the filing season here, students as well as their parents should study up on the new tax credit breaks that can help with the continuously rising cost of higher education. Why? The IRS is now reducing liability that students (or their parents) owe each year,...

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Don’t Count on a Tax Refund

I’ve hung out near the water bowl a time or two.  And around April 15, what I mostly witnessed was the excited pantings of dogs over “earning” big refunds from Uncle Sam because the year before they paid in to Uncle Sam more taxes than they actually owed on their...

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Have a side gig? Report to Uncle Sam!

This is January 2020, and I’m ready for the New Year to start off on the right paw.  Early last year I began stockpiling a hefty number of bones, just in case I suffered an unexpected hunger pang or two, or maybe wanted to invite some puppy friends over for fine...

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