Toby Lee

Toby Lee

After several months of headhunting, Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C., is thrilled to announce the hiring of Toby Lee as Assistant Office Manager. Toby comes to us from a culturally diverse background, including Maltese, Poodle, with a dash of Shihtzu.

In the summer of 2011, at the age of roughly 1 3/4 human years, Toby joined us from Texas, bringing with him a youthful exuberance and panting energy that make us all jealous. Toby enhances the general professional atmosphere with his overall enthusiasm for sinking his teeth into any hairy situation and gnawing until the true bone of contention appears.  Toby inspires us all with his friendly, but competitive nature and his un-quashable spirit.  No matter how many times his boss sends him to prison with its confined spaces and mesh wiring, Toby manages to overcome the harsh punishment for whatever the minor infraction and to rush eagerly back to his responsibilities with an even stronger, but still cheerful tenacity.

Toby is an avid blogger on important tax issues. You can read his latest blog here!

Toby is currently working on his first book on tax tips, which should be out in the spring of 2014. With all of Toby’s research into current tax issues, he has taught us all the true nature of legal wrangling:

  • Sniff around your opponent until you learn all possible weaknesses.
  • Charge boldly ahead into conflict, never backing down and never giving up.
  • Don’t worry if you’re a tiny little thing – that just means you can dig for the good stuff in corners where nobody else can reach.
  • Valuable tidbits can be found in places often ignored, like trashcans.
  • If your bark hurts more than your bite, don’t hesitate to bark, then keep barking.  Or at least whimper occasionally.
  • And sometimes a small nip with pointy, dainty canines can draw far more blood than a colossal bite with flat, dull incisors and molars.

When he’s not focused on protecting the best interests of our office, Toby enjoys chasing balls, trapping unsuspecting strangers into giving him pats, and conning you out of almost any kind of human food, including chicken, crackers, and eggs.