Tax Litigation

Any type of tax controversy should be taken very seriously, as the end result can be court. Tax litigation is different from any other type of litigation, since the government has a lot more to lose than you do.

Why?  Uncle Sam’s approach to litigation is grounded in several facts.  For instance, the government has more resources than you do for the fight in court, and tax laws tend to favor Uncle Sam.  Also, the government can’t afford for the court to rule in the taxpayer’s favor concerning a matter that might feasibly impact the taxpaying base overall.  Contention between the IRS and the taxpayer in court is pretty fierce. A loss in court could translate to heavy assessments and in some cases even incarceration for the taxpayer.

For that reason, obtaining resolution for your IRS matter prior to appearing in court is generally far preferable to facing the IRS in court.  But there are times when litigation is your only option. For instance, you may have exhausted all other avenues for tax resolution, but you still feel that the IRS’s determination of your tax standing is not justified.  Perhaps you were labeled a Responsible Party but should not be held liable for payroll taxes for a business in which you have no ownership.  Perhaps Criminal Investigation is probing your business dealings because of your working relationship with a known IRS repeat offender.

In tax litigation involving such risky factors, you can find yourself in one of four courts:

  • U.S. Tax Court
  • U.S.  District Court
  • U.S.  Court of Federal Claims
  • And Bankruptcy Court

Whatever the circumstances for the dispute, if your IRS issue involves the possibility of litigation, consult with a tax attorney at Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C. Our tax boutique will:

  • Review the facts related to your issue, including your history with the IRS.
  • Examine the status of your case to determine the legitimacy of the tax liability assessed to you and to review your legal standing regarding the IRS.
  • Address your case in non-legalese so that you understand the causes for the evolution of the matter and the IRS’s view of your tax situation.
  • Strategize about the best way to move forward to gain the most favorable result for you.
  • Work closely with you regarding your defense.
  • And Counsel you about savvy tactics that you can integrate into your financial planning, so that negative tax situations are less likely to occur in the future.

Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C., provides informed, proactive guidance concerning your tax needs.  Call us today to ensure that you receive the professional care and legal attention that you deserve as a taxpayer whose compliance with the Internal Revenue Code is under dispute.