IRS Tax Solutions

If Uncle Sam is standing at your door holding a notice that you have a huge tax liability, don’t ignore him.  He won’t go away.  Instead, contact Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C. Our tax boutique knows that it’s not the IRS’s job to stress your rights as a taxpayer to you. It’s the IRS’s job to collect taxes. The IRS functions much like other debt collection agencies do, yet the IRS has much more power.

But even though it seems that Uncle Sam always has the upper hand in tax assessment and collections, in fact the Internal Revenue Code offers viable solutions to virtually every possible tax dilemma facing a taxpayer.  Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C., knows what these solutions are.  Our team is experienced and well-informed about the various options to settle tax issues.  And we are dedicated to ensuring that the IRS observes your rights as a taxpayer and that you take advantage of the best possible allowable solution for your tax issues.

We adopt a multi-faceted approach when advising you concerning your tax matter:

  • We listen carefully to you about your concerns and the facts of the situation.
  • We understand that noncompliance with IRS filings limits your opportunities to resolve your issues, and we counsel you concerning the best ways to become compliant.
  • We review your correspondence from the IRS and your related tax documents, to verify the accuracy of your liability.
  • We realize that IRS representatives are human and that therefore they commit errors, and we are familiar with where the errors are prone to appear in your account transcripts.
  • We discuss with you your options for moving forward, and we customize our advice to your specific circumstances.  We recognize that every taxpayer’s financial situation is discrete and impacted by a unique set of conditions.
  • We communicate with the IRS on your behalf, addressing discrepancies we’ve located in your financial records and any inappropriate tax assessments showing in your records; then we work hard to achieve resolution so that the tax problems don’t escalate.
  • We handle the necessary documentation requesting taxpayer relief.  We focus strong attention on providing detailed records to the IRS by the imposed deadlines, so that there is no legitimate cause for the IRS to reject our proposed solution to the tax liability.  From an offer in compromise to a request for declaration of non-collectible status, our tax boutique will complete the essential paperwork to ensure your are compliant with the Internal Revenue Code.
  • And we advise you about the preferred recordkeeping techniques to employ so that your chances of increased tax assessments in the future are lessened.

Avoid the hassle of dealing with the IRS on your own. If you’re facing IRS debt, call us at Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C., so we can help you achieve the most reasonable resolution.