Tax Maintenance Program

Worried that you are not keeping up with new tax laws? Think you might be at risk of an audit because of foreign or investment income, past noncompliance with the IRS, or the type of business entity you operate?  If you want to learn new ways to take deductions and stay abreast of the latest developments with the Internal Revenue Code, then consider enrolling in Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C.’s Tax Maintenance Program, available to all our clients who retain our services.

Our tax boutique’s Tax Maintenance Program offers you the following:

  • IRS Notices, including research and correspondence.
  • Email notifications about upcoming IRS events (yes, the IRS has events) and matters under discussion.
  • Subscription to our Taxes and Tidbits Newsletter, which contains information concerning the latest updates and alterations to IRS guidelines.
  • An annual seminar concerning such topics as techniques about recordkeeping, filing your taxes, cutting tax liability, dealing with foreign and interest income, and investing.
  • And fixed attorney fees for future audits.

Our team of tax professionals works hard to keep on top of the most recent modifications to tax laws, and we always enjoy informing you about the best ways to reduce your tax liability while remaining in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.  Call a tax attorney at Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C., today for all your tax needs, from tips on basic recordkeeping to techniques for lowering your tax liability.