Penalty Forgiveness

The IRS is empowered to assess almost 150 different types of penalties on past-due taxes, including late filing, failing to report income, and failing to file. Chronic noncompliance with IRS filing requirements may result in criminal charges as well as in the stiff penalties assessed to you.  Uncle Sam views habitual noncompliance as willful and reckless action on your part – in other words, the IRS believes that you are deliberately cheating the government.  And the IRS will remove both your money and your freedom, most likely in that order, unless you seek legal intervention.

IRS penalties can escalate very rapidly, at times equaling or exceeding the principal amount of taxes due.  If you’ve received notices of tax penalties from the IRS, you should consult with a tax attorney at Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C., to discuss possible abatement of the penalties.  We realize that few taxpayers actually intend to defraud Uncle Sam.  We know that sometimes life simply gets in the way of fulfilling your responsibilities as a taxpayer.

Your chances of achieving abatement of penalties greatly increase when you consult with a tax attorney. Our team of tax professionals understands the IRS’s stance when it comes to penalties – failure to be compliant is cause for assessment.  But more importantly, we are aware that certain circumstances provide reasonable cause for a taxpayer’s noncompliance with the Internal Revenue Code.  Our tax boutique works hard to ensure your rights concerning penalties:

  • We will assess your situation to determine your options regarding penalty abatement and inform you of the requirements to move forward.
  • We know that IRS agents frequently are undertrained and overworked and may overlook or misinterpret facts pertaining to your financial situation.  Thus, the IRS sometimes inaccurately attaches penalties to your taxes based on incorrect information.  We search for any mistakes potentially made by the IRS regarding your liability, clarify questions concerning your tax return and financial statements, then follow through with the steps necessary for abatement of the inappropriately assessed sums.
  • We are informed concerning tax law. IRS agents are not always educated in tax law, but in IRS office policy and procedures, which may not observe the taxpayer’s rights.  We obtain your records from the IRS and carefully examine your case for any IRS violations involving penalty assessment.
  • We communicate with the IRS regarding special circumstances that prohibited an accurate and timely filing, such as fire, flood, divorce, illness, or death.  We stress that your failure to be compliant with filings and deadlines was a direct result of an event that you could not control and that derailed your financial status during a specific period of time.
  • We review your tax documentation, including your returns.  If the penalties were imposed because of errors in your return, we argue that you acted in good faith when you filed, that you paid the taxes you believed you owed, and that any blunders were simple human error.
  • And we work to ensure that your business enjoys the most optimum resolution while remaining in full compliance with Internal Revenue Code.

Our approach to obtaining tax abatements for you involves the timely, meticulous communications demanded in all negotiations with the IRS.  We also engage in strict, thorough reviews of all tax documentation. And we counsel you based on in-dept knowledge of the tactics available to achieve the best possible resolution of your tax debt.  If your are facing heavy taxes and penalties, call Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C., and we’ll help you find an equitable, doable solution to your liability.