Removal or Concealment with Intent to Defraud

The IRS generally opts to criminally prosecute only those tax offenders it deems to be willfully and intentionally noncompliant with the Internal Revenue Code.  For the most part, the IRS prefers to resolve problems with taxpayers out of court.

However, if the IRS suspects a taxpayer of the removal or concealment of facts and documentation with intent to defraud, Uncle Sam will pursue criminal prosecution.

Removal or concealment with intent to defraud the government generally involves deliberately discarding, moving, or hiding evidence of total income, so that limited tax liability is incurred or so that illegal activities are covered up.  Falling into this category of tax offenses:

  • Manipulating company books and records in order to show minimal profits.
  • Underreporting cash sales.
  • Failing to disclose tips, gratuities, and bonuses.
  • Disposing pertinent paperwork that shows accurate accountings for the business.
  • Hiding assets in foreign banks.
  • Regularly relocating records, making it difficult for the IRS to obtain your records, or secreting documents away in storage sites registered to other parties or under false identities.
  • Holding back electronic equipment containing financials, such as hard drives.
  • And conspiring with other parties to commit any of these acts.

Frequently the IRS will charge a taxpayer with removal or concealment with intent to defraud in connection with other offenses, such as attempting to evade tax, failing to pay tax or to supply information, and falsifying documentation.  If you believe that the IRS may open an investigation into your records for this violation, don’t attempt to handle the situation on your own.  You need counsel experienced in tax law to protect your interests.

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