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Laura’s a paralegal at the Anchorage headquarters. She assists clients and helps Christy and Paula. However, she answers directly to Toby.

Beyond Toby, Laura’s favorite thing about working at the firm is simple and obvious: she wants to reduce the client’s anxiety and worry so that the client can focus on achieving resolution of the legal issues at hand. When you call the firm, you’ll most likely talk to Laura first. She’ll listen as you explain your situation, ask you several questions, then help you determine whether our firm is the right fit for you. Clients say she’s innately empathetic. Laura thinks it comes from experience.

Having owned a small contracting company for years, Laura recognizes the many stresses involved with labor and money management. She’s moaned brokenly and without shame when confronted with pesky little events like IRS audits. She’s whimpered sadly at the sudden realization that the welcomed necessity to increase her workforce by a whopping 400% was being accompanied by a terrifying increase in her federal employment taxes. That’s not to mention the attending compounded costs of her worker’s compensation and general public liability coverage, along with the quadrupled anxiety of supervising so many people. Like many other small business owners at one time or another, especially those with high accounts receivable, she’s had to make decisions about whether to send Uncle Sam employment taxes by the due date or call the utility companies about delayed payments. She empathizes with clients because she’s faced circumstances similar to theirs.

Laura believes that procrastination sometimes poses big problems for taxpayers, who may not address complicated tax issues due to fear and a lack of knowledge of their rights. She knows when and how to motivate clients to action. She acquired that skill a lifetime ago while teaching English composition at the college level.

If you want to hear Laura’s southern accent, call her at the Anchorage office to swap you stories. She’s always happy to meet clients, both over the phone and in person.

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