How to Handle Tax Debt

by | Sep 1, 2019 | Toby Talks Tax | 0 comments

Ever been scolded by the IRS because you have tax debt?  When IRS agents bark at you about what you owe, it’s as scary as being threatened with the pound.  Some pups will immediately surrender every bone they’ve buried, even the ones they need for dinner.

But what happens if you owe a handful of bones to the IRS but there’s nothing else in the doghouse to gnaw on, and the debt doesn’t get cleared right away?  In some cases, the IRS may just send you to a bone collection agency, which chases your tail and hounds you hard 24/7.  It all depends on your current situation and your standing with the IRS from previous years.

If you’ve been notified by the IRS that your case has been forwarded to an intimidating debt collector, you might be dogged by calls and letters demanding that you pay up.  It’s enough to make you whimper and cower in a corner.

But get some wag back in your tail because there could be a simple remedy.  Call us at Law Offices of Christy Lee, P.C., for an appointment to see how you can get the nagging bone chasers to stop contacting you.

While we won’t promise to make your taxes disappear like your kibble after a long day on the job, we’ll work with you to ensure that the situation is resolved quickly, so that we can both enjoy a long nap and some belly scratches!